Early Bird Passes

  • $175 - Full Weekend Milonga Pass
    • We welcome open role dancing and offer a 50/50 dancer pass for those who wish to lead and follow equally throughout the weekend.  
  • $275 - Marathon +  4-Workshop Series with Alicia Pons
    • Workshops held Saturday & Sunday afternoon
  • $35 - Alicia Pons' Follower Technique Workshop for Women (Add-On Class) 
    • Will be held Friday evening prior to the first milonga


Registration Process

  • Early-bird registration opens Friday, December 2 at noon (Pacific). Click icon below to access the registration page:
  • Only full-weekend passes are available. We anticipate a sold-out event, and WILL NOT be offering admission for individual milongas. 
  • Leaders and role-balanced partners can purchase passes as soon as registration opens. Partner passes must include a role-balanced combination of one of the following: 
    • 1 leader/1 follower
    • 2 50/50 dancers
    • 1 50/50 dancer with either a leader or a follower
  • Single followers and 50/50 dancers can lock in early-bird rates by joining the waiting list when registration opens.  (This only guarantees the early-bird rate if a seat becomes available, it does NOT guarantee a seat.)
  • Single followers will be released from the waiting list starting on Monday, December 5 as role balance allows. (We strongly urge single followers to recruit a partner to guarantee your seat.)
  • Single 50/50 dancers will be released from the waiting list in pairs starting on Saturday, December 3. 
  • Passes are NOT transferable!  Full refund available through January 31 (less service and administration fees). Written notice of cancellation must be sent to the organizers at SeattleTangoMarathon@gmail.com. Refunds after January 31 will be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on the demand of our waiting list.


What to expect...

  • A stunning view, six traditional milongas, 30+ hours of dancing! We've invited world-class DJs to fill this spectacular room with the best traditional music from the Golden Age.
  • A role balanced event. Registration will be role balanced to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone. Open-role dancing is welcomed and encouraged. A 50/50 dancer pass is available for those wishing to both lead and follow equally throughout the weekend. 
  • You won't go hungry. We will serve you in our signature style with plenty of food, catering to all dietary needs. Coffee, water & tea plus a cash bar will be available. 
  • A cozy dance floor. Our primary goal is to maintain a safe dance floor. This means participants must have a clear understanding of the códigos of etiquette practiced in the traditional salons of Buenos Aires. Kindly save the high boleos, ganchos, kicks, spins, and other large, open maneuvers for another event. Keeping your (and your partner's) feet near the floor ensures a safe dance experience for everyone. And don't forget to make eye contact with (and get a nod from) the leader you are entering the floor in front of. 
  • The cabeceo. Seating at all milongas will be organized to support the use of the mirada and cabeceo as the primary method of invitation to dance. While verbal invitations are not prohibited, they may likely be refused, or cause an unpleasant dance of obligation. 
    • Intimidated by Los Códigos de los Milongueros? Don't be. We have a team of experienced dancers who are excited to share their expertise and advice to help you navigate the room like a seasoned milonguero. Let us know when you register that you'd like to attend a community conversation to help unlock the mystery of the códigos. (Details about these free discussions coming soon.)